Top 11 Stunning Islands of Asia
Top 11 Stunning Islands of Asia
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    The incredible blend of colors, crystal-clear water, silky-white sand beaches, swaying palm trees, easily-hike-able green hills, and stunning underwater life are what makes the islands of Asia heaven on the earth. They are the right choices for those who are in search of moments of freedom, joy, and relaxation away from the nerve-wrecking city-life.  Here are some great options for your best island holidays in Asia. 
    1. Perhentian Islands, Malaysia
    Situated at Malaysia’s east coast, the Perhentian Islands are the most secluded islands you would love to choose as your summer destinations in Asia. They are the answer to your quest of peace and privacy. Watch the sunset, walk barefooted, splash in the water or relax for hours.  The beautiful sandy beaches there offer you a real visual entertainment.  
    2. Macleod Island, Myanmar
    If you want to spend your honeymoon in undisturbed tranquility, hidden in the lap of nature, visit Macleod Island this summer.  The isolation there revives your soul, inspires you to love and enjoy.  The island is one of the best Islands in Asia for honeymoon.
    3. Phu Quoc, Vietnam
    With abundant beauty, calmness and peace, Phu Quoc Island has a large coast line that is embedded with some of the best summer destinations in Asia. Your summer holidays can be real fun and relaxed once you hit the island. 
    4. Havelock Island, India
    Do you want to spend your honeymoon with your mobile phone shut? Well, you are at your best in Havelock Island where no mobile phone connects to the world. This is one of the best Islands in Asia for honeymoon if not the top best. There is no man-made night-life on the island and you are on your own creative ideas to make your night the best time of your life. The unmatchable beauty, the scenic view of the sunset and silky-white sandy beach is the added bonus!
    5. Aogashima Volcanic Island, Japan
    If you are up to some adventure these summer holidays, do not miss this Japanese Island which has the population of less than 200 individuals only. It is all green and fully isolated. The last time volcanic activity recorded here was in 1785. This is one of the best islands to choose for best island holidays in Asia.  
    6. The Bonin Islands, japan 
    For those who love to be among unique and rare flora and faunas, these islands are the answer.  They are the home to a wealth of wildlife. 195 endangered species of birds are thriving there; and the endangered species of Bonin Flying Fox is also living there. 
    7. Koh Rong Sanloem, Cambodia
    Stay away from the crowd of holiday makers and commercial activity, visit Koh Rong Sanloem Island this summer and enjoy the best moments of peace. The crescent-like Saracen Bay is the main beach of the island. This island with its 3 kilometers long beach carpeted with silvery-white sand is one of the best island holidays in Asia to visit with your family. 
    8. Kayal Island, Kerala
    This little secret spot in Kerala’s backwaters is an exclusive private island where you can spend your holidays with your family or group of friends. Covered with lush green trees, the island is absolutely for sheer calmness and relaxation. Its unspoiled, undiscovered natural beauty is doubled when you find only a row boat to get there.  Private island holidays can be unmatched on Kayal. 
    9. Oedo Island, South Korea
    With 3,000 species of exotic plant life, this island is a paradise as the natives say. You can spend a memorable holiday time there. With sufficient opportunities to roam about and enjoy Korean culture, you will get the best of your time and money.  
    10. Batu Batu, Malaysia
    This private island is just a slice of heaven on earth in Seribuat Archipelago of islands, Malaysia. Rich with flora and fauna and with its 8 scenic white-sand beaches, this island meets the standards of every holiday maker who is in search of best island holidays in Asia. 
    11. Jeju Island, South Korea  
    Called, “the Hawaii of South Korea,” but Jeju has a lot more to offer its visitors. Jeju was formed 2 million years ago due to volcanic activity. Only 274 km around in perimeter, it still has successfully found a place among the 7 wonders of the world. Its small lava-rocky hills contrasting lush green vegetation, stunning waterfalls, and unique red and pink corals captivate the heart of every visitor. In fact, it offers you the best island holidays in Asia! 

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