Most famous festivals of Asia
Most famous festivals of Asia
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    When it comes to arts and culture, you can find that Asia offers the richest heritage. Brimming with colors and diversities, it never fails to attract people from other parts of the world. While you plan a holiday trip to a place that gives your moments the real joy of holidays, look for places where an annual festival is awaiting for you. Cultural festivals of Asia brighten up the culture of every country. Here are some top festivals that would never fail to fascinate you. 
    Cultural festivals in India
    The animated colors of India add vigor to its festivals. The strange rituals and variety of cultures revive each and every festival with new dimensions each year. Dussehra festival in October, Holi in March, Basant in January/February, Maha Shivratri in March, Diwali in November and many other provincial festivals in India are the best time of the year for you to plan a visit. Durga Puja in West Bengal, Pushkar in Rajasthan, Losar Festival in Ladakh and Puri Rath Yatra in Odisha are some of the top festivals that are celebrated in some states of India. 
    One top festival in India is boat race in Kerala. This is the most thrilling time marking the month of August. It is celebrated since past 400 years and you can visit Kerala in August to join the thrill.  Kerala elephant festival is another great historical and cultural festival that you will enjoy greatly. From February to May, this festival revives the life throughout the state of Kerala.  India is also famous for its Goa Carnival. It is the biggest festival in India and is celebrated in February. Feasting, drinking, and merrymaking are a few among other tourist activities. Entire Goa is illuminated and people do not even sleep because of all-night festivities. 
    Festivals of Japan
    Japan is the top list country when it comes to cultural festivals in Asia. Once you know the number of traditional festivals that are celebrated in Japan, you will be dumbfounded. They are over 300,000!  Most festivals are religious. People wear a special costume and carry a portable shrine on their shoulders and walk with it around the streets to spread the blessings all over the city.   A festival can be an art performance like Awa Odori(12th to 15th August) in Tokushima or marking a religious ritual like Kanda Matsuri( May 15th in odd number years) in Tokyo. Gion Matsuri (Kyoto) is the biggest festival that is spread over the entire month of July. 
    You can enjoy any Japanese cultural festival by making your trip to the country in the month when it is celebrated. Yuki Matsuri in February, Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri in September, Tenjin Matsuri on 24th and 25th July and Kochi Yosakoi in the middle of August are a few top festivals never to miss. Yuki Matsuri, Snow Festival or Sapporo Snow Festival can stun every human with the skillfully sculpted snow statues. The festival started in 1950 when a school’s students built a few statues of snow in a park. You must be a part of this festival to enjoy the amazing art display on the snow. The friendly nature of Japanese people and well-organized nature of these festivals can make your holidays really memorable!
    Boryeong Mud Festival
    Rolling in the mud freely and splashing it on your friends is an urge you can’t resist. Plan a visit to South Korea in the second month of July when the festival is on its peak to enjoy splashing in the mud. Boryeong Mud Festival was first originated in 1998 for marketing mud cosmetics. Since then, it has become a yearly celebration attracting millions of tourists each year. Boryeong mud is famous for its naturally mineral-rich feature. It is trucked to Daecheon beach area where the festival takes place. This festival gives you a chance to let free the child inside you and go wild with the mud with your fellow tourists. This festival is never to miss; plan your visit to South Korea in July this summer and enjoy your time. 
    Taiwan Lantern Festival  
    This festival is all about lights and colorful hues at night. The locals and the foreign tourists equally love it. People carry hand lanterns on the streets; other folk arts and dance performances brighten up the festivals more. The many intricately designed lanterns mark Taiwan’s technical progress. The most colorful activity of Taiwan Lantern Festival is Pingxy Sky Lantern festival. The workers on the hills in the remote Pingxy Town of Taiwan lit the lanterns at night in the past to show their loved one that they are safe. Now, these lanterns are a message of good future and peace. Visit Taiwan on 19th February to join this Winter Light Festival and be a part of the high spirits of the moment. 
    Myanmar Festivals
    The festivals in Myanmar are marked by the phases of the moon. So, the dates of Myanmar Festivals can vary from year to year. You can check the date and time of a festival you love to join before you plan a trip to Myanmar. Reflecting Buddhist culture and sacred beliefs, these festive moments are highly peaceful and lovely.  You must join any of these festivals. 
    The Thingyan Water Festival (13 to 16 April) marks the start of Myanmar’s New Year. The festival is celebrated all over the country but Mandalay becomes the most crowded city during the festival. The Taunggyi Tazaungdaing is the Winter Light Festival in Myanmar. It is held in November and is marked with several beautiful hot air balloons that are illuminated and rise towards the sky to fight evil spirits. The Kyaikhtiyo Thadingyut Festival in October is celebrated to welcome the god from the heavens by illuminating thousands of candles. It is another Winter Light Festival which the kids love very much. Kyaukse Elephant Dance Festival in October, Shittaung Pagoda Festival in April, and Wagaung Festival in July/August are among the top famous and lively festivals of Myanmar.  

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