Famous Destinations and Attractions in Asia that You Cannot Miss
Famous Destinations and Attractions in Asia that You Cannot Miss
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    There are so many wonders in Asia that deserve to be compiled in a big list like the 7 wonders of the world.  The wide array of cultures; social and religious diversities and abundant heaven-like natural beauty always keeps this continent as the center of the ones attention. Tourists, visitors, holiday and honeymoon makers head to the best Asian countries to visit the myths-wrapped shrines, rare fauna and flora, pristine beaches, lush green hills, fun-filled activities,  elaborate festivals, and many other exciting attractions. Exploit your summer holidays or winter breaks to visit famous tourist spots in Asia and add tons of joy to your time.  Here are some top famous attractions of Asia that you can count on for your upcoming holidays!
    Cambodia with its white-sandy beaches of Kampong Som, freshwater lake Tonlé Sap, spectacular ancient buildings in Koh Ker, and several interesting temples, is a great tourist attraction in Southeast Asia. Rich with museums, historical buildings, marketplaces, and soothing greenery of Seim Reap in Cambodia looks like a magnificent live oil painting when the sun rises and covers the city in golden light.  The ancient monuments, especially the 12th century Angkor Thom royal city and the religious complex are the main attractions for tourists. Cambodian cultural village is another key feature that attracts millions of holidaymakers to Cambodia every year. Cambodia is one of the best Asian holiday destinations that you can remember visiting for the rest of your life. 
    The wonders of Vietnam are numerous. Hanoi is the city of Ho Chi Minh where you can see his body resting preserved in a mausoleum.  Chinese and French left the traces of their culture in Vietnam and today the city Hanoi is an old city reflecting a beautiful blend of Vietnamese traditional culture and modern French and Chinese architecture. Hanoi has more than 600 pagodas and temples, Red River, Halong Bay, and many more hundreds of years old buildings. It is the reason why Vietnam is one of the famous tourist spots in Asia. 
    With its haunting Hiroshima Peace Memorial, Jigokudani Monkey Park, the ancient Kiyomizu-Dera Buddhist temple, a 13th-century sculpture - The Great Buddha of Kamakura and Mount Fiji, Japan is one of the famous tourist spots in Asia. Delicious cuisines, rich culture and well-blended modern and ancient culture make Tokyo a great city of Japan. The city is crowded yet incredibly clean, and people are exceedingly polite.  Despite the nerve wrecking hustle and bustle of the city, you feel amused because of the friendly, good-mannered nature of the Japanese people. Movies, anime, and comic are now blended in the culture of Japan. If you do not visit Japan, you are missing on a big chunk of Asian culture.  For a fantastic Japanese holiday time, choose one of the best luxury tours Asia and explore this magnificent country this year! 
    Island of Singapore 
    Singapore is a cultural tapestry. The diverse ethnicities and religions are living in a perfect harmony and creating a beautiful blend of cultures. This has a direct effect on the culinary habits of locals. You can find the mouthwatering extensive array of foods that are not found anywhere else. The nerve soothing cleanliness of Singapore makes you forget for a moment that the world is facing a pollution crisis.  With its world-renowned top-listed bars, an interesting Zoo, world-class shopping, and Marina Bay Sands let you enjoy your Singapore visit the best. Choose one of the best suitable Luxury tours Asia to arrange for you a fabulous holiday time there. 
    The love monument Taj Mahal is enough compelling for many to visit Agra, India. But India holds a lot more attractions that can make your holidays a special time of the year.  From its rare wildlife to cultural-rich crowded cities, ancient temples to romantic beaches, spicy food to yoga classes, India is a place of excitement. Goa with its 40 gorgeous beaches, Kashmir with its Heaven reflecting beauty,   Darjeeling with its famous tea, Kerala with its houseboats and spice markets and Mumbai with its Bollywood thrill are the famous tourist spots in Asia.
    The thousands of pagodas and temples are the scattered gems of Myanmar and to have a fabulous sight of these, take a ride in the hot air balloons of Myanmar. This awe-worthy experience makes Myanmar one of the best Asian holiday destinations. Explore the authentic side of Mandalay city on a bike, ride the circle train in Yangon, and of course, watch the sunset at the beautiful beaches. The food in Myanmar is incredibly cheap and a great blend of flavors, tastes, and ingredients.  You would never like to miss on Myanmar especially when the country has friendly locals and romantic monsoon season. 
    When you come to explore Southeast Asia, do not miss Malaysia, the gem embedded among South China Sea, Thailand, Indonesia, and Brunei. Kuala Lumpur features Asia’s most iconic skyline with its contemporary architecture.  Malaysia boasts several hiking spots the best of which is Mount Kinabalu.  The Petronas Twin Towers were once the tallest building in the world. With its magnificent beaches, Malaysia offers finest water activity experiences. The diverse culture, amazing wildlife, delightful and continental food, tropical forest trekking, hundreds of islands, and many more attractions make Malaysia one of the best Asian countries to visit. 

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