Top 10 Beaches of Asia
Top 10 Beaches of Asia
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    There is no landmark that can beat a beach when it comes to picnics, holidays or honeymoons. It has all that nature has gifted the man to relish living on the earth – the bright sun, the unmatchable quality air, the healing soft sand and tranquility prevailing all around. Whether you are planning a great family holiday or you have started your happy new-life and you are up to a memorable romantic honeymoon, choose from the following best beaches in Asia and enjoy your time.    
    1. Sunayama Beach, Japan
    When you come to plan your most romantic honeymoon look for the best beaches in asia for honeymoon. The unbeatable beauty of Asian beaches situated close to dense green jungles or magnificent hills is an attraction that you can never ignore.  Sunayama Beach in Miyakojima, Japan is the right choice for your honeymoon because it provides the privacy and peace you are longing for.  The turquoise blue water is gorgeous and the silky sand gives the cuddly soft feeling to your bare feet. 
    2. Amami Oshima Beaches, Japan
    Famous for the mangrove forest and white powdery sand, the uncrowded beaches at this island are gorgeous.  You have the opportunity to enjoy the holidays at some of the best beaches of Asia there without a single boring moment. 
    3. Hyeopjae Beach, South Korea 
    This beach is one of the most gorgeous beaches in South Korea and one of the world-known white sand beaches in Asia. You can spend your honeymoon here and relish each and every moment as you once dreamed.  With amazing sunset view and cobalt colored crystal clear waters, it attracts the visitors from all around the world. It is a white sand island with sea shells scattered all around – one of the best beaches in asia for honeymoon.
    4. Palawan Beach, Singapore 
    Palawan is in the center of Sentosa. With its swaying palm trees, sparkling white sand, crystal clear blue-green water and embracing peace, this beach is a great option among all beach holiday destinations in Asia. Its water is especially famous for its cleanliness. You can enjoy swimming as nowhere else and relish the warmth of the sun brightening the beach for you. 
    5. Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia
    This island is small but has great significance when it comes to the scenic beauty and fabulous geographical features. People call it God’s paradise on earth. The pristine white powder sand, turquoise water and palm trees attract the beach lovers all year round. It is actually two islands which are connected by a footbridge making it more attractive for the tourists. This place can be ideal for spending luxury beach holidays in Asia with your family. Song Saa is one of the stress-free and pleasing beaches that every family loves to spend their holidays in. 
    6. Redang Island Beach, Malaysia
    Enjoying your time at a beach with no crowd around is a luxury in itself. And this Redang Island beach offers you this luxury as no other place. This spacious paradise is for your luxury beach holidays in Asia. 
    Watch the sea turtles, enjoy walking on endless soft bed of the sand and swim in the calm waters to fillyour heart.
    7. Borneo Beach, Malaysia  
    If you are looking for remote and best beaches of Asia for a grand holiday time, look for Borneo Beach in Malaysia. This beach sets for you the right mind set of rest-n-relax. Calm environment and stunning sunset view is worth your time.  
    8. Nagpali, Myanmar
    Myanmar is famous for its unspoiled beaches and long stretch of white sand. Nagpali is the dream beach which has extra-long white-sand beach stretched over 7 kilometers. Fringed with palm trees and extremely tranquil – it is one of the beach holiday destinations in Asia that offer you the right peace and calmness you look forward to in your holidays. 
    9. Goa Beaches, India
    If you are looking for a bunch of best beaches in Asia, visit Goa, India this year. Goa is gifted with incredible natural beauty. The gorgeous beaches of Goa offer you an array of features that your holiday time or honeymoon deserves. 
    10. Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam 
    It is the best beach in Vietnam. It is surrounded by lush green gardens and neat row of prune trees which is not found on any other beach. If you are interested in spending holidays at some white sand beaches in Asia, pick this choice.

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